Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Conservatives and Liberal Democrats can work together

There are more similarities between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats than you think. Whole tracts of their respective manifestoes are nearly identical. The high commands are ideologically akin. Where there are splits they are cultural and at grassroots level.

I only hope that we can all be grown up enough to get on with things. The Lib Dems, having underperformed yet again in a General Election, should grasp this unexpected opportunity of government responsibly and with both hands. I have had direct involvement in the most prominent Conservative-Liberal marginal constituency in the country, fighting a campaign described by Zac Goldsmith as "appalling", yet even here I can recognise that these are good people we can work with.

All over the country, Conservatives and Liberals have been working in concert at local government level for years. This can be done. Give it a chance.

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