Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Lib-Dems join the Premier League

The House, Parliament's weekly magazine, is not often a source of amusement but this week their cover feature caught my eye.

Profiled is Tessa Munt, the new Liberal Democrat MP for Wells (she beat David Heathcoat-Amory two months ago).  Munt, who has held the ambition to become a MP since childhood, used to be a member of the Labour Party but switched to the Lib-Dems when she became disillusioned with the centralising tendencies of the early Blair Government.

Having spent her "whole life opposing Conservatives", she finds the Liberal-Conservative coalition "weird" and "extraordinary" but concedes that "Conservatives are slightly different from how they used to be".  It is "distressing" that a lot of Tories "are hugely reasonable".

She rationalises teaming up with the Tories as like a lifelong Fulham fan (read Liberal Democrats) accepting an offer to play for Chelsea (read Conservatives).  That way you can "get yourself noticed".

It is a clever little analogy.  Chelsea won the Premiership this year whilst Fulham had to make do with a mid-table mediocrity.

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